Archivio Queer Italia

Archivio Queer Italia
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                                                                                                   Still from All the letters, 2013

Archivio Queer Italia (AQI) is an online platform that offers visibility to queer artistic practices, theories and politics that relate to Italian culture and society, both in Italy and abroad. The Archive facilitates the creation of a communicative space that allows for exchanges between individuals, groups and organisations.

AQI explores the intersections and creative areas between queer theory, practice and experiences. 

It focuses on artistic, marginal and non-conformist actions and politico-philosophical revolts against normative social structures and impositions.

The archive is divided into three sections: Art, Theory and Activism. Each of these sections is compiled through an interactive dialogue between on and offline communities and through the continuing research led by the AQI team.

The ‘Art’ Archive contains the biographical details of individuals and groups of artists who explore queer and feminist thought. It includes artists who explore the use of different modes of expression and artistic practices. 
These include theatre, performance, dance, sculpture, painting and visual art.

The ‘Theory’ Archive consists of an interactive bibliography of authors who explore the complex intersections between thought/lived experience and personal/collective narratives. This list is continually expanding and 

all works are linked to their online sources.

The ‘Activism’ Archive [online from April] is an interactive digital map of the organisations, artistic/political collectives, social centres and university departments that work with queer and feminism in each region of Italy.

Beyond this, AQI provides weekly information about Italian queer and feminist events, conferences and 

open calls for work via Facebook and Twitter.

We invite you to take part in and/or share this project which, by developing horizontally, is always actively searching for new suggestions, collaborations and constructive criticisms. 

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