The Utopia Project

- Interactive art project by Maureen Bachaus -

What does a Utopian society look like? Is it an impossible reality? A daydream? An achievable reality? 
Or a matter of personal perception? The challenge to work with these questions and concepts came from 
the exhibition centre for contemporary art the 'Flux Factory' in New York City. 
During the month of October the Flux Factory will present the 'Utopia Project', which will consist of exhibitions, 
lectures, performances and online debates. The project will also be partially presented online.

Glad to take part in The Utopia Project.



Canned Film Festival

Sept 6th - OCT 4th
ArtWork Studios & Gallery
Northwich, UK

Celebration Day 6th Sept from 12 till 4pm.
Short films & animations showing in ‘The Roxy’ projection area inside ArtWork Studios & Gallery.  

They Are Labels. We Are Lovers. will be shown at Canned Film Festival.



Adrenalina 3.0

2.09 - 14.09
Spazio FACTORY La Pelanda / MACRO Testaccio - Centro di Produzione Culturale, Rome, IT

8.11 - 22.11
MUSEO CIVICO "U.Mastroianni" - MARINO, Rome, IT

Come Out Italy, Come Out! will be shown at Adrenalina 3.0 .



Synthetic Zero Event


curated by Mitsu Hadeishi

Wed Sep 3, 6-9pm
Sat Sep 13, 6-10pm
Open W-Sat 3:30pm-6:30pm, Sep 4-13

BronxArtSpace, Bronx, NY, USA

n.e.t. will be shown at Synthetic Zero Event.



Ars Electronica - C … what it takes to change

September 4-8, 2014, Linz, Austria

Von 4. bis 8. September wird die diesjährige Ars Electronica stattfinden. Unter dem Motto “C … what it takes to change” beschäftigt sich das Festival diesmal mit der Frage, welche Voraussetzungen und Rahmenbedingungen es braucht, damit sich gesellschaftliche Innovation und Erneuerung entfalten und wirksam werden können. Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei das Konzept “Kunst als Katalysator”. Recherchiert, diskutiert und provoziert wird wie gewohnt mit reger Beteiligung zahlreicher KünstlerInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen aus aller Welt. Anerkannte Geistesgrößen treffen dabei auf junge QuerdenkerInnen, ExpertInnen auf interessierte Laien und nicht zuletzt PionierInnen der digitalen Revolution auf Shootingstars der aktuellen Medienkunstszene. Von 4. bis 8 September wird Ars Electronica damit einmal mehr zur Plattform des gegenseitigen Austausches und der Vernetzung, zu einem einzigartigen Forum, in dem Ansichten und Meinungen verhandelt und in Form von Vorträgen, künstlerischen Installationen, Performances und Interventionen präsentiert werden. 

 The 2014 Ars Electronica Festival is set for September 4-8.This year’s theme is “C … what it takes to change,” an inquiry into the prerequisites and framework conditions necessary to enable social innovation and renewal to emerge and make an impact. The focus will be on art as catalyst. The in-depth elaborations, lively discussions and bold provocations will feature, as usual, artists, scholars and scientists from all over the world—renowned intellectuals confronted by young contrarians, top experts encountering interested laypersons, the pioneers of the Digital Revolution face to face with the shooting stars of today’s media art scene. From September 4th to 8th, Ars Electronica will once again be 
a setting for reciprocal exchange and networking, a one-of-a-kind forum in which perspectives and opinions are negotiated and presented in the form of speeches, artistic installations, performances and interventions.


Glad to take part in the change.

Image by Ars Electronica



1 Night Only Film Festival

1 Night Only Film Festival
Friday 15th August
Old Shire Hall,
Durham, UK

Breeze Creatives CIC, have been granted access to Old Shire Hall in Durham for a limited time, to host four very special events that aim to showcase some of the best creativity in Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and the surrounding areas.

As part of this series of events taking place, on Friday 15th August for one night only we are staging a free night of film, video and moving image work by a selection of filmmakers and artists from throughout the region and beyond. 
Over a dozen rooms throughout the Grade II listed Old Shire Hall will be turned into 
screen rooms to showcase a diverse range of work.

Not only is this a chance to see some exciting up and coming filmmaker’s work, but also a chance to look around the splendid Old Shire Hall, which has been inaccessible to the public for several decades. Old Shire Hall is a Grade II listed building situated in the heart of Durham City Centre. It was built in 1895 as the County Hall, and was used as such until 1963 when it was bought by the University of Durham as a home for their administration. Old Shire Hall has particular significance as this is where the first all Labour County Council was assembled in 1909.

Artists and filmmakers showcasing their work on the night include: Ruth Siddals, Beth Ross, Tim Neath, Peter McAdam, Linda Palmer, Klaus Pinter, Sean Burn, Kayleigh O’Keefe, Letizia Binda-Partensky, Sheryl Jenkins, Roberta Orlando, Melanie Menard, Lucia SchweigertNicola Joanne Carter, Huw Andrews, Fin McMorran,
 Allie Litherland and Anna Flemming.

Free admission with pay bar. 

                                                                                  I'm laughing too much to tell you, 2012

                                                                                               A pretty way to realize it, 2010

                                                                                     Removaland, 2013

A pretty way to realize it, I'm laughing too much to tell you and
 Removaland will be shown at 1 Night Only Film Festival.

Image by Breeze Creatives.



Desire will set you free

The Movie by Yony Leyser

A unique and honest glimpse into life in contemporary Berlin’s multifaceted underground.

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