the patient

I have this moment at my disposal and I want no fiction.

If you are ready, I begin: 

show me your flesh, 

your teeth and your everyday life in the street, 

your sweat and your strenght.

The patient of those that defend their ideas everyday.

The patient of those that want only to be themselves. 

Ho questo momento a disposizione e non voglio finzioni. 

Se voi siete pronte, io inizio: 

mostratemi la vostra carne, 

i vostri denti e la vostra quotidianità di strada, 

il vostro sudore e la vostra forza. 

La pazienza di chi ogni giorno sostiene le proprie idee. 

La pazienza di chi vuole essere semplicemente se stesso.

the patient @ PREMIO CELESTE



r0. photography


After the patient for photography section,
here goes the link for the video section.




Salviamo Current

Current is the only one tv channel about True information.
Don't close it in Italy!


r0. photography


Europride in Rome

One million of people together.
One single voice.

I'll make a photography book for sure about this day.
Thank you Gaga for your words.



All I can't give you


Spleenveil - All I can't give you

Regarding the recent artworks realized against discrimination, 
this video talks clearly about it.
The final installation is composed of hundreds of names in a symbolic path.
Thanks to all the guys who participated with us for a real important message.

"to all the people who lost their lives because of discrimination on sexual orientation
to the people who have a name and those who still don't have it
for memory and witness of fact to remember."



They are labels. We are lovers.

           They are labels. We are lovers.
             6'34'', colour, 2011

Part of a work concentrated on discrimination for sexual orientation, 

Roberta Orlando performs a symbolic act, with a reflection about society 

and its anthropological need to labelling itself.


The division of our sexual orientation, what does it really mean?


Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, heterosexual or straight: 

a sound that people abuse, judge and never compared.

Human rights, in every state of the world, differ based on sexual orientation, 

but when the love comes, 

what is really important to label?


And above all, why hinder?