Oil Dinner Set

Oil Dinner Set
digital photography, 2012

Would you like more oil?



#askacurator day

The 19th September was the #askacurator day, 
for those who don't know what it is, visit the Ask a Curator official website.
Some artist friends and I have thought to ask a question, probably a simple query but 
after the first replies, we were curious to know more opinions as possible and 
here are some results from different countries, get your viewpoint:

Which are the criterias of selection for unknown artists?

(with "unknown artists" we mean those artists 
who don't have curators or a representative gallery)

                             "Don't use quotations for select them"

                                            "The artist's background, the interest of the 
                                               themes faced and the expressive language"

                                                                                                                               "The criterias are a good curriculum, original works, interesting concept"

Thank you to everyone who have answered.



The Oil Bath

The Oil Bath
performance, 2012

What's the union between art and oil?



don't frack me!

What is "fracking"?

Learn more here and ban it:

It's not just in USA.


r0. photography


Insoluble Plight

Insoluble Plight
photo set from audiovisual installation, 2012

A specific artwork which shows the matters of global warming, ice melting and petroleum.
Those things open and represent several problems of our society that we can't ignore.
Based on recent personal experiences, I suggest people to search for documents and informations from art and activism organizations such as Art Not Oil, Platform and Liberate Tate
specially about the oil-sponsorship of the the arts. 
  Actually I'm working on more pieces about it and here's the first one:
a soundspace with the three simbolic objects in it.

Of course, you can listen one of the audio tracks from the installation and 
watch the pictures of the three main objects shown on top.