Tecnologies Arts Territories

Sept. 25th - Oct 4th 2015
Alghero, IT

THE EXHIBITION is an opportunity to reflect on a new dimension of technology, 
in which technology is the preferred means to see, discover, and interpret territories. 
The relationship between technology and nature, which until recently seemed to be 
inevitably one of subtle contrast, now unfolds to an indispensable union. 
Multimedia technologies are part of our perception of 
reality by amplifying and enriching our daily life.
Not changing it or altering it, but revealing it: an epiphany that re-dimensions our days and places.
Technology opens the boundaries of time and space, 
it reads the historical fact and makes it meet with the geographic reality; 
it meets the human dimension to then emphasize and preserve it.
The development of identity, starting with the understanding of the origins and of the human, sensitive, constantly changing and unexpected side of technology, is the guideline in 
the search of 10 artists who establish a dialogue beyond their geographical origins.

LITS (Leave Immediately The Space) will be shown at Tecnologies Arts Territories.