Eco_Hack 2016

October 22, 2016
Swale, Brooklyn, NY - US

                                                                                                                                                                    Removaland, 2013

Biome Arts Presents Paper Forest: an evening of video artworks presented aboard Swale, a floating forest 
of edible and medicinal plants by Mary Mattingly. All video artworks intersect themes of ecology,
 technology, and/or alternative systems of food, energy, and water. 
This event is presented as part of Eco_Hack 2016 and is free and open to the public.

Program of video artworks can be viewed here: http://biomearts.net/paperforest The program is 1 hour long, 
but will be looped continuously between 7-10pm. Feel free to come and go and enjoy a fun evening of
 artwork and light snacks onboard Swale!

Biome Arts is a collective of artists, designers, engineers, biologists, and activists producing work that anticipates the next global paradigm: ecologically sustainable, open source, commons-based culture. 
We create large scale, eco-digital installations that enable other artists and the public to reimagine their
 relationship with nature and technology. www.biomearts.net

Eco_Hack 2016 is a large-scale art installation and event series that is a communal incubator for radical practices of art and activism based on open-source technologies, environmental awareness, and semi-autonomous commons. Eco_Hack 2016 is a multi-faceted project consisting of a structure, art installation, digital data collection and an event series. 
This event will take place in the Greenhouse Theater, a multi-purpose art installation and structure built on board Swale by Biome Arts. For more information about the project including a calendar of events, please visit biomearts.net/ecohack2016

Swale, by artist Mary Mattingly, is a floating garden of edible and medicinal plants that asks the question, what if healthy, fresh food could be a free public service and not just an expensive commodity? Built on a 130-foot by 40-foot barge Swale contains an edible forest garden using a sustainable form of agriculture called permaculture. 
Swale imagines an alternate future with water and fresh food as commons. www.swaleny.org

Removaland will be shown at Eco_Hack 2016 - Paper Forest.