Out of Love with Love

November 21st - December 6th
h. 3 - 8pm
Kleiner Salon, Berlin, DE

Complement of Gender, 2013

Under the mentorship of gender specialist Lorena Juan Gutiérrez, Angela Kaisers and 
Laura G. Jones explore the personal observations, repetitions, and variables that describe the dynamics of 
measuring romantic love by comparison with either external standards or individual experiences. 
In a non prescriptive way, the artists address an unstable metric system created by 
a set of elements through which they analyze their emotions and relationships. 
The questions risen by this process result in a deconstruction of romantic ideals imposed by capitalist society.

As we use to be is shown with Coven Berlin.

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Infecting The City Festival

10-15 March 2015 
 Cape Town - Mbombela, South Africa, ZA

Artists for the 2015 festival are participating in a crowdsourcing campaign 
to fund their productions via Thundafund.

Glad to take part in Infecting The City Festival.



Cavallerizza Art Week

Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Italy

                                                                                                            As we use to be, 2012

In occasione del week-end delle Arti Contemporanee gli spazi occupati della 
Cavallerizza Reale ospitano una serie di eventi promossi da artisti che hanno deciso di 
offrire il proprio supporto alla lotta della cittadinanza contro la privatizzazione del 
patrimonio storico culturale della Cavallerizza Reale.