audio from installation

A lot of sounds compose many works of mine,
so here is three audio tracks from Inconnu. In order: still dark outside,
the cracks between your walls and everything within
and lifelong protection.Each one has some visual or a singular video, installation from different exhibitions, but this time I don't give any suggestion or impose any imagination, open up your own and good listening.

The intruder kowtow is from live electronics and more recent artwork.



In A Brooklyn Minute

Love to collaborate with people who works like that.

Video from the documentary series In A Brooklyn Minute by Luci Westphal.
Click on You Tube button to read the full story.

"Ghost Bikes" - In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 85)


A real good interesting project.



I'm in love

Digital work against discrimination on sexual orientation.
The instant picture is composed with the tape letters "I'm in love".
Just for say it clearly: love who you love, just be fine.

I'm in love with your girlfriend, I'm in love with your boyfriend,
I'm in love with your cat, I'm in love with your everything
, 2011

I'm in love (tape), 2011


r0. photography



Venice Series, 2011

The series got a special sign inside if you walk around it, because of the light
with exposition of some trees used by me.
And yes, it happens also this.

take your time, 2011


r0. photography


glad to write about the special mention for my video
The HIV Test @ Florence Queer Festival.

thank you.