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A Flight of Steps on The Homocaust

A Flight of Steps on The Homocaust
performance, 4 days, 2-3h each session, 2014

 I put this on your chest.
When you go upstairs, just throw it away.
You decide the moment, you decide the place.  

 More than 1 thousand triangles.
Pink. Black.

A though about homocaust and all the people who die 
 because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. 


Thank you for your participation.
Thank you for your thoughts and words.

Series from the Venice International Performance Art Week.

r0. photography



Venice International Performance Art Week

13 - 20 December
Palazzo Mora, Venice, IT

Alperoa, "Tattoo for Venice" (2012). Tattoo by Daniel Campos | 13Agujas Tatuajes.  
Photograph by Cristian Beroíza

 Following the first edition “Hybrid Body – Poetic Body” that took place in December 2012 at Palazzo Bembo, the 2nd VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK will take place at Palazzo Mora in Venice from 13th to 20th December 2014 under the focus "Ritual Body - Political Body".

The live art exhibition project dedicated to contemporary performance art will showcase in its second edition works of over 50 international performance artists from around the globe, some of which are presented in cooperation with cultural institutions and foundations. Pioneers of this art discipline will exhibit alongside established and emerging artists, reflecting influences and current tendencies in the field.

The project consists of a vibrant program of live performances, installations, photographic and video documentation, conferences, daily round tables talks, a Study Room, a Movie Room and meetings with the participating artists, researchers and curators.

For the second edition with the focus “Ritual Body - Political Body” the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK 2014 aims to investigate a wide range of concepts such as: art as a space for civil negotiation where human ethical values are the core; interconnectivity; political confrontation; utopia; ecological issues; social and individual conflicts and responsibilities, and how the self relates to them, at the same time concentrating on the fact that the presence of the human beings in this world is always more than a temporary condition.

The communication that can be triggered between artists and the audience is an essential element. The topics addressed during the week will relate to the need to look at social relations and the lives of individuals with greater care. 

Due to the specificity of the theme of this second edition “Ritual Body - Political Body”, the live performances and works on display will also seek to provide reflection and further considerations on how to find meaningful mechanisms to foster positive change through contemporary art and culture in a clearly vital way.

The VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK wishes to enrich the highly renowned art scene in Venice with the audacious art form of performance art.

Curated by VestAndPage and organized in collaboration with Studio Contemporaneo, Venice Open Gates, Weexhibit and Global Art Affairs Foundation, which hosts the event in its prestigious premises at Palazzo Mora on Strada Nova.

ART WEEK BLOG updated daily during the week with features, interviews and reviews on veniceperformanceart.tumblr.com.

 Read full description and program here

 Glad to take part in the Venice International Performance Art Week.




Lo Stato Inadeguato

Lo Stato Inadeguato
- The Inadequate State -
photography, 2014 

 Fotografia di una generazione abbandonata e derubata, di cui l'autrice stessa è parte pulsante.
Un forte grido all'Italia e all'Europa per un lavoro che non esiste. 

La crisi economica che uccide silenziosamente e un paese da cui migliaia di giovani stanno scappando. 
Le condizioni lavorative e sociali di una generazione costretta a stare davanti ad un monitor giorno e notte. 
Chi per cercare lavoro, chi per continuare a lavorare e chi per sentire quello che manca. 

Il persistente stato di inadeguatezza verso tutto ciò in cui non si può essere integrati e 
il modo in cui vengono sviscerati i rapporti sociali. 
L'apice di una falsità che prende per poi lasciare, come un mattatoio danzante dove tutti siamo invitati a ballare.


A photograph of an abandoned and robbed generation which is the same of the author.
A strong shout to Italy and Europe because of a non existent work. 

 An economic crisis that silently kills and a country where thousands of young people are leaving. 
The labour and social conditions of a generation which is obligated to stay in front of a monitor, day and night. 
Whom are looking for a job, whom are continuing to work and whom are feeling what they miss. 

The persistent state of inadequacy where you can't be integrated and how relationships are disemboweled. 
The top of falsehood which first takes and then leaves, as a dancing abattoir where everyone of us is invited to dance in. 



più o meno positivi

1 - 6. 12. 2014
Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy

                                                                                                             The HIV Test, video, 2011
                                                                      (Special Mention at Florence Queer Festival 2011)



Out of Love with Love

November 21st - December 6th
h. 3 - 8pm
Kleiner Salon, Berlin, DE

Complement of Gender, 2013

Under the mentorship of gender specialist Lorena Juan Gutiérrez, Angela Kaisers and 
Laura G. Jones explore the personal observations, repetitions, and variables that describe the dynamics of 
measuring romantic love by comparison with either external standards or individual experiences. 
In a non prescriptive way, the artists address an unstable metric system created by 
a set of elements through which they analyze their emotions and relationships. 
The questions risen by this process result in a deconstruction of romantic ideals imposed by capitalist society.

As we use to be is shown with Coven Berlin.

Out of Love with Love - Website

Info & Details



Infecting The City Festival

10-15 March 2015 
 Cape Town - Mbombela, South Africa, ZA

Artists for the 2015 festival are participating in a crowdsourcing campaign 
to fund their productions via Thundafund.

Glad to take part in Infecting The City Festival.



Cavallerizza Art Week

Cavallerizza Reale, Turin, Italy

                                                                                                            As we use to be, 2012

In occasione del week-end delle Arti Contemporanee gli spazi occupati della 
Cavallerizza Reale ospitano una serie di eventi promossi da artisti che hanno deciso di 
offrire il proprio supporto alla lotta della cittadinanza contro la privatizzazione del 
patrimonio storico culturale della Cavallerizza Reale.



MOVEment: Leading Sustainable Change

9-11 October 2014, Rīga, Latvia

Europe is a continent of diverse and at times even conflicting realities for LGBTI community. 
While in some countries the long-lasting struggle of human rights activists has succeeded in widely expanding the range of legal recognition and social acceptance of LGBTI people, we are witnessing a decrease of political will in pushing forward anti-discrimination policies or even violent breaches of fundamental freedoms and 
rights on LGBTI people in others. Furthermore, the current wave of crisis rapidly moving through economical, 
political, and social landscape of Europe is threatening already gained victories of LGBTI movement. We –the leaders, members, and supporters of European LGBTI movement - are standing at the crossroads of change.

Taking all of this into consideration, the ILGA-Europe board believes that now is the right moment for us to look reflectively to the past and current developments, and of leadership strategies in the field of LGBTI activism, 
to learn from our successes and failures, and most importantly to think together how can we create a sustainable movement working for change that will lead us towards European society with equality for all. 
Let’s gather to MOVE forward together!


Image and Text by ILGA-Europe.



The Utopia Project

- Interactive art project by Maureen Bachaus -

What does a Utopian society look like? Is it an impossible reality? A daydream? An achievable reality? 
Or a matter of personal perception? The challenge to work with these questions and concepts came from 
the exhibition centre for contemporary art the 'Flux Factory' in New York City. 
During the month of October the Flux Factory will present the 'Utopia Project', which will consist of exhibitions, 
lectures, performances and online debates. The project will also be partially presented online.

Glad to take part in The Utopia Project.