Anatomy #7

 Kill Your Traitor Heart

13th December 2013 - 7pm 
Summerhall, Edinburgh,  UK

That moment when a sleeper agent awakes inside you, when you realise the shadow figure in 
the corner of your eye, whose leering presence peers over your shoulder in your most private moments, 
is your own terrible reflection… When the flesh revolts against the soul; 
when you hear that deep call for drastic action; when trembling, feeble hands embrace that urge to…

A contemporary take on the music hall variety show, ANATOMY is a platform for performance
 artists of all disciplines; beyond scratch, it creates a stage for risk-taking performance and breath-taking theatrics in Edinburgh’s exciting new multi-arts venue, 
Summerhall, within a historic anatomy lecture theatre.
“Necessary and vital to the growth of the arts in Edinburgh” - Exeunt Magazine





As we use to be will be shown at Anatomy #7.



All the letters @ LABseries

performance, 2013

More than 3 hours of writing, broken boundaries and spatial extension,
between private and public, stability and unsteadiness.

Almost 300 yellow rolling possibilities and
3500 sheets of writable messages.

Watch gallery here.
Pictures by SCHAUKASTEN.




Die Vienna LABseries ist eine internationale Performance Art Plattform welche vom 5. bis 8. Dezember 2013 im Schaukasten präsentiert wird. Thema der ersten LABseries ist Langzeitperformances.

Vier internationale Performance Art Künstlerlnnen wurden von Jasmin Schaitl eingeladen um im 
Prozess befindliche Konzepte zu erproben, zu verändern oder weiter zu entwickeln. 
Die KünstlerInnen bzw. das Künstlerduo werden jeweils einen Tag im Labor nutzen um zu experimentieren 
und abends – dem Publikum zugänglich – zu performen. 

Der White Cube des Schaukastens wird zum Reinraum performativer Kunst in 
dem das Experiment eine bis dahin nicht beobachtete Situation herbeiführen kann. 

The Vienna LABseries is an international performance art platform that will take place from 
5th to 8th of december 2013 at Schaukasten - Interessensraum für Zeitgenossenschaft. 
The main theme of the first LABseries is “Durational Performance Art“.

Four international artists, mainly working in the field of performance art, 
have been invited by Jasmin Schaitl to come to Vienna to further elaborate and finally present their concepts. 
Each day one artist – respectively the artist-duo – will be working and experimenting during the day in the laboratory and thereby culminating their research into a performance the same evening.

The white cube at Schaukasten will be transformed into a laboratory space for performance art where 
the experiment might lead into a situation beyond it’s primary intention.

Teilnehmende KünstlerInnen/
Participating Artists:
05.12. - Anna-Sofia Sysser (FI)
06.12. - Roberta Orlando (IT)
07.12. - Alicia Radage (GB)
08.12. - William "Bilwa" Costa (US) & Jasmin Schaitl (AT)

Labor: tagsüber / daytime
Performance:   abends (Uhrzeit wird von den KünstlerInnen bekanntgegeben) /
in the evening, the exact times of the performances, are going to be announced by the artists

All the letters will be presented @ LABseries.

Supported by:


Special Thanks to :
Embassy of United States, Embassy of Italy and The Italian Institute of Culture in Vienna, 

British Embassy Vienna Copyright © 2013 Schaukasten - Interessensraum für Zeitgenossenschaft, 
All rights reserved.
Du hast dich auf der Mailingliste des Schaukastens eingetragen und wirst daher informiert.



All the letters

All the letters
performance, 3h, 2013


The value of communication, written communication, with our hands.
The importance of words. A few lines, one word, an introduction.

Love letters. Letters into envelope. Folded letters.
Cover letters. Forgotten or torn letters. Dusty, bloody or scented letters.
Important letters sometimes. Revealing letters and worthless letters.
Never told words and never expressed feelings.

Letters from social and political change, individual and collective change.
Letters are reduced to a maximum number of words. Letters become short messages.
Digital letters. Private and public communication.

What does letter mean today? How much time does it take? Does it make any sound?
How is archived all our written and digital communication?

r0. photography



International Streaming Festival

For Audio-Visual Art
8th Edition

The Hague (NL) and
all over the world

1/12 - 15/12/

                                                                   The Oil Bath, 2012

 Info & Details



Before Performance

Before Performance
28.11 / h 7pm (Private View)
29 - 30.11 / h 11am - 6pm
] performance s p a c e [, London, UK

An installation exploring writing, drawing and sketching and 
its relationship with performance and live practice.

Great installation and project by Bryony White (UK).
 Glad to take part of it with Paper Journey.

E-flyer by Leonie Shinn-Morris (UK).

] performance s p a c e [



Powtórka z Performance | Projekcja

 28.11 - h19.00
Labyrinth Gallery, Lublin, PL

Podczas czwartkowej Powtórki z performance zaprezentowane zostaną wybrane filmy i
 dokumentacje performances, które nadesłali artyści do konkursu open call na tegoroczną edycję festiwalu 
Performance Platform Lublin (24 – 26.10.2013). Wszystkie nadesłane materiały trafiły do 
Archiwum Sztuki Performance znajdującym się przy Galerii Labirynt.

Thursday Powtórki z performance will feature selected films and documentations of performances,  
which were sent by the artists to the contest open call for this year's edition of 
the festival Performance Platform Lublin (24 - 26/10/2013).  
All submitted materials went to the Archive of Performance Art of Labyrinth Gallery.

Image by Marita Fox (AUS).



Circus Orgasmuz

'Thank Fuck we are here and now'  
celebrating queer bodies and expressions

Friday 29 Nov, 9-1am
Wotever World, London, UK

Exhibition and Evening Event.

Circus Orgasmuz presents Thank Fuck We Are Here Now, an exhibition of artworks celebrating queer bodies and expressions to coincide with its exciting evening of performances, playtime and partying. 

The art exhibition will be open for viewing between 6pm and 9pm and entry is FREE. 
From 9 pm until 1 am the Circus Orgasmuz party will be in full swing!
 This is an evening filled with Fantasy, FairyTales, Porno and Play! 
Tickets for the party: In advance £8-£12, on the door £15
Dress Code: Fierce
Theme: Thank Fuck Im here and this Fabulous!!

A Circus- a smart collection of sexy smart people, many who have been on stage with us many times, They are the best! 

A space with two floors, where the top floor can be an area where you meet up, mingle, talk, 
see visuals and art that inspire and hear music you like...

The evening start with a great show by sassy sexy Fierce Family, lead by Rubyyy Jones and Stav B with a piece called 'Give me Something', Acrobat & Shadow play by Gemskii and Belly dancing by our absolut favourite, Snake Boy... 

We are proud and slightly excited that we have the amazing Erotica Writers, Authors and in general amazing People Jonathan Kemp & J Applebee readin' bedtime stories for us all who need a lie down... on soft pillows...

A Circus highlighting the fun and creative sides of LGBT & Queer... Pain & Pleasure. 

Visual Art, films made queer pornographers and photographers.

Down stairs there will be a big space for play, a special splosh room, food fight for the brave and messy lovers.
BDSM & Kink without attitude...

It is open for all LGBT & Queer and questioining curious & respectful people and faries, in all shades of Fabulous. 

It's a Night to Remember, to enjoy and love... It is an Adventure, and you would be sad if you missed it! 
It's run by the people behind Wotever World, klub fukk & Sweat, and it will be very special!

Event and Exhibition by
  Wotever World

Sometimes people need captions and sometimes notGender is _______ . and
Complement of Gender will be exhibited at Circus Orgasmuz.

r0. photography



Streaming Festival: Offline Opening

 On the 30th of November the 8th edition of the Streaming Festival will start off 
at two offline locations, Het Nutshuis in The Hague (NL) and Boonika in Zagreb (HR).
Both events start at 20.00hrs (GMT+1). 

                                                                          The Oil Bath, 2012

Waiting for the 8th edition of the Streaming Festival:

Interview with Roberta Orlando



Move Be Moved

16.11 @ Dansens Hus
Linköping, Sweden

A good chance for watching and listening the
Glad to collaborate with her in Vanishment.
New updates soon.




Russia is in the midst of a violent crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people - fueled by laws that 
make it a crime to be open about who you are and who you love.

The Olympic games are our best chance to end to Russia's outrageous anti-gay laws -- but to do it, 
it's going to take lots more of us to hear about what's happening in Russia.

Watch this beautiful 2-minute video, and please share it with your family and friends. 

Sign petition: 

Video and Campaign by All Out.




3'58'', colour, 2013

It's just a matter of time.



Contro Zona

Mestre, Venezia (IT)

A project by Rebecca Agnes.

Image and postcard by r0.
A little piece for what risks to get lost during years.



Emergency INDEX

Glad to take part of it.
A great project, as simple as it is.

"This is a bible of performance art activity."
Martha Wilson

INDEX is distributed in the US by SPD/Small Press Distribution and 
is available in the UK through Unbound and Inpress.

Order your copy now:


TIAF London 2013

 Wednesday 16 October - Sunday 20 October  
 Private View and drinks reception Wednesday 16th October 18:30-21:00


                                                                                                                                                                  as we use to be,  2012

The Independent artist fair is an exhibition of fifty contemporary artists from across the world,
including Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. Selected from over three hundred submissions in five weeks,
the works include cutting edge video, sculpture, painting, photography and performance.

Established by artists, TIAF aims to be the first of an annual addition to the art fair calendar and one which
removes the financial restrictions or gallery exclusivity that
prevent much exciting contemporary work to be seen in major commercial fairs.

The exhibition will take place in Mile End Art Pavilion,
London, UK.

Info & Details 

TIAF London




ArtVerona 2013 - Independents

                                                                                                                            Image by ArtVerona

10th - 14th Oct.
Fiera ArtVerona, Verona, Italy

ArtVerona 2013 (Independents section) will host Archivio Queer Italia/Queer Archive Italy:
a programme that will shake the usual art fair format through a continuous and
unexpected series of performances, presentations, discussions, videos and installations.
The programme revolves around the theme of queer non-normativity within and outside
the space of the fair.
ArtVerona 2013 (sezione Independents) ospiterà Archivio Queer Italia: un programma che
 sconvolgerà il consueto formato fieristico attraverso una serrata e inaspettata serie di performance,
 presentazioni, discussioni, video e installazioni. Il programma si svilupperà attorno al tema della
 non-normatività “queer”, dentro e fuori lo spazio fieristico.

                                                                                                      A sound used in speech, 2013

A sound used in speech will be performed twice.
Everybody is welcome to take part of it.
Let's create a new sense.



Creatives Rising

Oct. 5th 2013, 6pm - 12pm

                                                                                                         They Are Labels. We Are Lovers., 2011

See.Me Exhibition Space
26-19 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, New York City, NY, USA




A Short History of the Highrise 

World premiere at the 51st annual New York Film Festival on September 30, 2013
Convergence Programme @ Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, New York City, NY, USA 

A Short History of the Highrise is an interactive documentary that explores the 2,500-year global history of 
vertical living and issues of social equality in an increasingly urbanized world. 

HIGHRISE is directed by Katerina Cizek and produced by Gerry Flahive.

I'm glad to take part of it with my high-rises.


Re:Rosas Teaser

Teaser for the Rosas Remix Project.