Circus Orgasmuz

'Thank Fuck we are here and now'  
celebrating queer bodies and expressions

Friday 29 Nov, 9-1am
Wotever World, London, UK

Exhibition and Evening Event.

Circus Orgasmuz presents Thank Fuck We Are Here Now, an exhibition of artworks celebrating queer bodies and expressions to coincide with its exciting evening of performances, playtime and partying. 

The art exhibition will be open for viewing between 6pm and 9pm and entry is FREE. 
From 9 pm until 1 am the Circus Orgasmuz party will be in full swing!
 This is an evening filled with Fantasy, FairyTales, Porno and Play! 
Tickets for the party: In advance £8-£12, on the door £15
Dress Code: Fierce
Theme: Thank Fuck Im here and this Fabulous!!

A Circus- a smart collection of sexy smart people, many who have been on stage with us many times, They are the best! 

A space with two floors, where the top floor can be an area where you meet up, mingle, talk, 
see visuals and art that inspire and hear music you like...

The evening start with a great show by sassy sexy Fierce Family, lead by Rubyyy Jones and Stav B with a piece called 'Give me Something', Acrobat & Shadow play by Gemskii and Belly dancing by our absolut favourite, Snake Boy... 

We are proud and slightly excited that we have the amazing Erotica Writers, Authors and in general amazing People Jonathan Kemp & J Applebee readin' bedtime stories for us all who need a lie down... on soft pillows...

A Circus highlighting the fun and creative sides of LGBT & Queer... Pain & Pleasure. 

Visual Art, films made queer pornographers and photographers.

Down stairs there will be a big space for play, a special splosh room, food fight for the brave and messy lovers.
BDSM & Kink without attitude...

It is open for all LGBT & Queer and questioining curious & respectful people and faries, in all shades of Fabulous. 

It's a Night to Remember, to enjoy and love... It is an Adventure, and you would be sad if you missed it! 
It's run by the people behind Wotever World, klub fukk & Sweat, and it will be very special!

Event and Exhibition by
  Wotever World

Sometimes people need captions and sometimes notGender is _______ . and
Complement of Gender will be exhibited at Circus Orgasmuz.

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