#askacurator day

The 19th September was the #askacurator day, 
for those who don't know what it is, visit the Ask a Curator official website.
Some artist friends and I have thought to ask a question, probably a simple query but 
after the first replies, we were curious to know more opinions as possible and 
here are some results from different countries, get your viewpoint:

Which are the criterias of selection for unknown artists?

(with "unknown artists" we mean those artists 
who don't have curators or a representative gallery)

                             "Don't use quotations for select them"

                                            "The artist's background, the interest of the 
                                               themes faced and the expressive language"

                                                                                                                               "The criterias are a good curriculum, original works, interesting concept"

Thank you to everyone who have answered.