Us inc.

This is a project. And it is about us, as in all of us, including you. 
We have three nights, and three different events, and we are going to meet each other. 
Whether we talk or just listen, we will celebrate that when it comes to gender and sexuality,
 there really is no black and white. Us inc. (Amy Cade and Leen Horsford) is a curatorial collective that 
believes “It is not our differences that divide us, rather it is our inability to recognise, 
accept and celebrate those differences.” (Audre Lorde) So let’s celebrate them! 

By playing with the performativity of gender and sexuality, the project invites people to come together for 
 three evenings of performative events to share, laugh, talk, and play, 
 so that everyone can be part of Us. Hosted at Shift (Tresor), the new art space 
offering a platform for artists to present themselves and their work that opened in January 2013,
 directed by Leon Ludwig Barth, Us inc. will take place over 3 evening.

 Info & program Us inc.