Us inc. pre-P.A.R.T.Y.

12th April @ Shift, Berlin

To introduce you to Us inc. and the exciting new venue, Shift, 
we are throwing a cheeky pre-party. All the donations will go towards 
our project for Month of Performance Art 2013. So.... bring your friends and lovers and 
party mice to get involved in making Us inc. as exotic as possible. 
Looking forward to seeing you there.

From 29th - 31st May Amy Cade & Leen Horsford are curating Us inc., 
 a 3 day project at Shift, playing with the performativity of gender. 
As we all know, gender is not black and white and we are going to 
celebrate that fact with BBQ's, performances, people and party.

▶ Plus a surprise performance... watch this space for more details!

Full details and program on MPA-B here.