Performance Voyage 6

11 March - 9 April 2016
Opening: Thursday 10 March, 6pm
Finnish Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

                                                                                                                                  Come Out Italy, Come Out!, 2013

Produced by Artists’ Association MUU, Performance Voyage 6 is a series of international video performances that will have its world premiere at the Finnish Institute in Stockholm from 11 March to 9 April 2016. The show comprises 17 works by 17 artists or groups. Performance Voyage 6 has three facets – the exhibition, a world tour, and a DVD publication. The works were selected by a jury composed of Annette Arlander (artist and professor), Juha-Heikki Tihinen (curator, Pro Artibus Foundation) and Timo Soppela (director, MUU).
The works in Performance Voyage 6 were chosen from submissions received in response to an international open call. The theme Future/Tomorrow inspired artists to explore our ever receding future and search for thing as-yet-to-be, whether future hopes or dystopias of desperation. How do we see the future? What hopes, fears and expectations does it awaken in us? Artists around the world were invited to send in their visions of the future, which could be the literal tomorrow, the world in the year 2050, or something inexplicably far away from us both in time and in space.
After the exhibition, Performance Voyage 6 will go in a world tour that covers several countries including Germany, Italy and the United States. In 2016, the Performance Voyage 6 compilation will be presented internationally in 15 different locations, including Scandinavia, Continental Europe and Canada.