Moving Beyond the Binaries of Sex and Gender

Tuesday 22nd March 2016, 09.00 – 17.30
University of Leeds, UK

Keynote Speaker: CN Lester

                                                                                                                                                        As we use to be, 2012

The academic conceptualisations of sex and gender have undergone significant renegotiations over the last 20 years. There has been increasing discussion and visibility of challenges to hegemonic notions of embodiment and identity, although the social dominance of the gender binary can limit intellectual exploration. 
This conference aims to provide a space to consider non-binary theorisations, methodological developments, 
and empirical observations of sex and/or gender.

This conference aims to stimulate synergistic conversations to enrich potential research trajectories. While we aim to create a space for researchers to gain exposure to each other’s work (giving feedback, and forming networks is both a rewarding and essential part of academia), we hope to also facilitate access for members of non-binary trans and intersex communities to contemporary research that is relevant to their lives. Through this, we hope for reciprocal, symbiotic relationships to flourish, whereby minority groups are empowered by their ability to voice views of research, 
improving the quality and potential of activist as well as academic work.

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Among 'Navigating Global Flows', Roberta Orlando takes part in