MPA-B 2015

May 1-31, 2015
Berlin, DE

Running from May 1-31, 2015THE ANTHOLOGY will present a diverse programme of performances, site-specific interventions, discussions, talks, workshops, screenings and a wealth of other experiments, by more than 300 artists, curators, organisers from around the world, at 13 venues across the city, and some 20 public spaces.

As a live compendium summarising and drawing attention to the work of independent performance art practices from Berlin and around the world, the MPA–B ANTHOLOGY wants to reflect upon how these non-institutionalised models and activities of cultural production and social engagement, respond critically to contemporary socio-economic conditions and traditional art market normatives.

The MPA–B ANTHOLOGY also wants to expose how through the formulation of new collaborative systems for the theorisation and making of performance art works, these alternative modes of participation may impact artistic practices, shape human experiences, interactions and personal narratives.

Even though this coming one might be the last edition of MPA-B in its present format, we look to the future optimistically, committed to focus even more on what makes performance art so compelling, and we will continue to share feelings of blissful uncertainty with anyone who is willing to take the risks involved in this journey. Under the auspices of the APAB e.V., the Association of Performance Art in Berlin, we are set to continue to collaborate, 
conspire and converse to promote and facilitate performance art in Berlin.

                                                           Tangled Thread, teaser, 2015

Tangled Thread will be presented at the MPA-B 2015 ANTHOLOGY.
In collaboration with ExDress, Adi Liraz & Sanija Kulenovic.