I AM - International Augmented Med

8 - 29 May 2015
Sala Dogana, Genoa, IT

The International Augmented Med (I AM) project is an international cooperation project involving fourteen partner organisations in seven countries around the Mediterranean Sea. It is funded by the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme. The 14 partners exchange expertise, support each other with technical assistance and 
develop joint activities to provide innovative services to the tourism sector in each of their countries.  
By supporting this key sector, they will assist economic development in the region.
The Mediterranean area attracts about 30% of international arrivals and tourism receipts, 
but International competition is threatening its position as a leading destination. 
Innovation will help maintain and enhance the attractiveness of the Mediterranean destination.

The project will last three years from 2012 to 2015. It aims to bring together experts in two fields, IT/multimedia and heritage/tourism in a cross-sector cooperation system. Experts will cooperate to develop applications to enhance the visitors’ experience of natural and cultural heritage sites. It focuses on the use of Augmented Reality (AR)
multimedia and interactive techniques. Activities include training workshops
Augmented Reality festivals and pilot AR applications for one heritage site in each of 
the 7 participating countries to demonstrate the potential of these applications.

An exhibition is held in the Sala Dogana in Genoa, Italy, from 8-24 May, in the framework of the I AM project. 
The exhibition is organized by the DIRAAS department of the University of Genoa. 
It presents works by artists of different generations coming from the Mediterranean area, 
who work in the field of video installations and new media and which reflect on the relationship that art and 
new technologies may have with physical places, developing a multimedia dialogue.

LITS (Leave Immediately The Space) will be shown at I AM - International Augmented Med.
Italy - Egypt - Jordan - Lebanon - Palestine - Spain - Tunisia