FIRST MILE activists

 FIRST MILE supports 20 LGBTI [LesbiansGaysBisexualsTrans*Intersex*] activists from various global change projects. We bring them together with highly influential leaders for an exchange around creating relevant impact and potential mentorship. A campaign is designed to create a worldwide movement of awareness for their work.

Who are we?

We are Tizia & Stuart from the Uhlala company working on projects which pursue equal opportunity for the LGBTI community in society. The company has been doing this for six years, driven by the vision of a diverse world in which you can live freely - without fear. Find out more about us and all our projects here: www.the-activists.com/about-us.

What is this campaign about?

There are many activists around the world doing amazing work, taking a stand for equality and acceptance. As they deserve an alliance we have created a new platform for you to show your care and support for their cause:
We are organizing a non-profit event called FIRST MILE on June, 11th to which we invited 20 LGBTI activists from all around the world to join us here in Berlin, Germany. We connect them with business leaders to exchange ideas, 
learn from one another and generate a new, diverse and strong network of change agents.

Beyond FIRST MILE, these activists will benefit from further support - each of them adds a unique value to the LGBTI community and society at large through their work - they all fight for human rights and have impressive personalities. 
To keep up their amazing work, they count on all of us to continue paying attention to 
their projects and to generate a solid financial base.

What can you do?

That’s the very reason why we have also created a crowd-funding Indiegogo campaign as a parallel stream. Be one of hundreds of people who show support by raising 20,000 Euros for the activists projects - 
aiming at 1,000€ for each participant. Contribute to this fund!

And here is yet another must-use opportunity to help spread the word: share your thoughts and 
make your network aware using the hashtag #IAmAnActivist.

It's about making a difference - no matter what role you’re in.


Support the FIRST MILE campaign on Indiegogo!