International Conference & Exhibition
25/1 - 14/2 - 2014

Gallery of Fine Arts, Split, Croatia

Following a feminist maxim THE PERSONAL IS POLITICAL, 
as well as relying upon our reasons why we deal with feminisms, 
what makes us publicly declare ourselves feminists, 
we have come up with the exhibition title STATE ABED. 

We would like to know how deep and in what ways the system, 
the state, the authorities and politics govern our life as well as to what extent and 
for what reasons they have the urge to enter and control our lives, bedrooms, bodies and minds. 

We would especially like to reveal the ways we accept or do not accept their seductions, kisses, orders and violences. 
We would like to strip off the system the way the system strips us off. 

We would like to hit the system back, or kiss it back. We ask for your ideas, concepts, works, 
your ways and your stories which will help us unravel this story and find out why we have the feeling that 
this lovemaking is actually an act of rape and what consequences it has on the personal. 
Which is political. Which is personal.

I like Italy but Italy doesn't like me will be shown at STATE ABED.

Image by Mavena and Melanie Bonajo.