Come Out Italy, Come Out!

Come Out Italy, Come Out!
10', video-performance, 2013


Disorientation and inadequacy inside a protection of lies.
It's not easy to set youself in places and situations which don't belong to you, 
most of all if you want to come out, showing yourself, also to the other people.

The artwork called Come Out Italy, Come Out! is a loud scream in the deafness of a country which hasn't taken any law against homophobia attacks or discrimination for sexual orientation in 2013.
 In Italy the no-identification of LGBT realities feeds homosexual people to hide themselves and 
it involves difficulties for coming out. 

Life condition is closed in a space where you don't know exit from it, 
where every voice within is hushed and the perception of everything is warped. 
Until the moment when you take strength to come out, becoming conscious of yourself, 
individually and collectively.